WEST HIGHLAND PLACEMENT clients set their own price for contract legal and personnel services under our flexible fee arrangement program.

Just call us to staff your project or position, and we will search among our highly qualified West Highland candidates and within our attorney network to locate the best personnel to work with you within your budget. We will present to you resumes of all interested candidates and allow you, the client, to choose your new counsel or staff. Our more seasoned attorneys generally have prior big-firm or in-house experience, or both. Most of our junior attorneys are from top tier law schools and have had training at some of the top firms in the country. All our staff and IT personnel have at least 3 years prior law firm experience.


  • All legal services are provided under an independent contractor arrangement between West Highland Placement or one of its affiliates and you
  • Our attorneys and staff are provided at a flat compensation rate agreed to by you and West Highland – you will not pay for healthcare benefits; you do not need to withhold income tax or pay the employer portion of FICA taxes
  • You specify how many hours and when the attorneys or staff will work for you - as little or as much as may be needed
  • Our candidates all are available to work at the location to be determined by you
  • All company or project-specific travel and other expenses (exclusive of commuting costs) are to be borne by the employer, not West Highland
  • All attorneys are pre-screened for active bar membership, positive disciplinary history and references
  • Our specialty counsel are interviewed thoroughly to confirm experience and expertise in their applicable practice area

West Highland Placement can assist you in locating highly qualified part-time or temporary attorneys and staff for projects in any and all practice areas at hourly rates that are far below traditional law firm rates. Call any one of us to get started!