In-House Counsel


IN-HOUSE COUNSEL SERVICES. Businesses and organizations of all sizes - even start-up companies - now can have the benefit and convenience of seasoned counsel to assist with their everyday legal, business, risk management and other concerns. Our services are performed on-site, at flat and highly competitive rates, by attorneys who understand the strategic legal and business roles played by in-house counsel and the relationship of in-house counsel with outside counsel.

West Highland in-house lawyers will:

  • integrate into your company's business structure and operations
  • work in-office, on the days and times specified by you -- which can vary from week to week or month-to-month at your direction
  • be available to interact face-to-face with company executives and employees to answer everyday questions and address the variety of issues and problems that arise daily
  • promptly handle contracts; corporate transactions; regulatory filings; litigation management and resolution; labor and employment, intellectual property and business or operational matters; and other day-to-day business situations that might otherwise be handled by personnel who are not trained to spot legal issues or manage legal risk OR by more expensive outside counsel
  • analyze day-to-day business operations to support corporate strategy and make certain that your company is in compliance with local, state and federal laws and regulations
  • provide quality and experience in legal and business services and advice at predictable and controllable costs
  • interact seamlessly with outside counsel as necessary
  • have been pre-screened by us for the best industry and experience match

We will tailor a contract to match any budget and business need. Please contact any one of our recruiters for further information.