Specialty Counsel


provides part-time and full-time specialized legal services to law firm and business clients through our pool of experienced contract attorneys. We provide experts in areas such as business litigation, labor & employment, real estate, finance, corporate, mergers and acquisitions, securities, administrative law, tax, construction, environmental and IP.

Each of our legal specialists has at least 8-10 years law firm experience in his or her area of practice. Each has been pre-screened by us for references, general reputation and confirmation of work history. Most have been partners or senior associates in prominent national and local firms.

Our specialists are available at short notice, either on or off-site, for projects both large and small at negotiable compensation rates which vary based on experience level and length of the contract.

We build our reputation on providing only top-notch, highly experienced talent to our clients.

Call us at 404-210-1719 or e-mail sbush@westhighlandplacement.com to learn more.